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Colorado Has Never Been on My Radar

I have a few friends on my social media accounts that talk about how great it is to live in Colorado. I know that part of this is because of the laws that make it legal to use marijuana. I know this is important for some, but that is more of a reason for me to ignore that city and stay exactly where I am.

The only time I actually think of Colorado is when someone mentions skiing. I am sure that the entire state is not a huge cap of ice, but that is all that comes to mind. I have never taken the time to give them entire area much thought. I should probably do that before I start passing judgment.

It is actually funny because I was taking to a friend of mine about Denver the other day. I was looking for interesting episodes of House Hunters to watch and I saw that there were at least 7-10 available that were based in that city. To be honest, I passed them by without giving them a second thought. Now that I am thinking back on it, I might actually go and watch some of them so I can see what the real estate market is like there.

I am in Massachusetts, where the winters are pretty brutal, the cost of living is high and there are a lot of crimes in the capital city. Maybe it would do me some good to think about living someplace like Denver. I am probably never going to move out of this state, but I am going to read up more on Colorado. I feel kind of bad that I am sitting here talking down about a place that I have never even taken the time to visit.

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